Fujifilm JX500 review

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My recent purchase of a consumer compact camera for under €100, which is retailing in a local camera shop at €99.00 was my first foray into the compact camera market since I had a Canon Powershot around 6 years ago which had an unfortunate end with a set of house keys inside a handbag ;)

Posting some images below, went straight into the manual settings which is ‘P’ mode on the camera.. quite impressed that it had a manual exposure compensation included, so you can bump up and down while in manual mode, I think by 2 stops will have to confirm that..

I set the exposure to overexpose the images, just the look I wanted.. I hoped beyond hope that the manual white balance setting would apply to the black and white colour mode on the camera, but unfortunately no, so I couldn’t warm up the white balance to get that nice vintage black and white feel, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t work.. it does work when in colour or chrome mode of course, so this is as close to a vintage filter as your going to get with this camera.

The images below are straight from camera so do check out the quality..

Fujifilm JX500 Digital Camera – Black (14MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD Screen

All images copyright of Hilary Quinn – All rights reserved

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Best settings printing from Mac to Epson r1900

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So I had a few problems with colour management when printing from Mac, as the Epson software won’t install on my OS. Printing from Photoshop, I finally got the right settings after wasting my precious ink!!

That’s it! Now when you click print, your colour management settings should be greyed out, and the image will print as it looks on the monitor!

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Agfa Optima I for Sale - Vintage 35mm Film Camera Cork City

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Agfa Optima 1 (1962) – Vintage 35mm Film Camera

Shutter firing perfectly on click, there does seem to be a decorative piece missing from the front of the lens, however this would not effect operability camera in good condition otherwise.

agfa optima I


Optima 1 1960-64 Agfa – Color Agnar f2.8/45mm Prontorlux Lens
Manufacturer: Agfa
Model: Optima I
Lens: Color Agnar 2.8 45mm
Shutter: Prontor Lux
Film type: 35mm

Manual available here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/agfa/agfa_optima_1/agfa_optima_1.htm (thanks to butkus.org!)

Check it out on Ebay, free to collect from Tuckey St!

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Certo Certina for Sale - Vintage Medium Format Camera Cork City

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Certo Certina – Medium format vintage film camera

Camera is in great condition, shutter firing perfectly on click.

See some images taken with the camera here gives a lovely Holga/Lomo effect at a fraction of the price. If you haven’t tried medium format yet I highly recommend it!

A 6×6 roll film camera which uses 120 film, manufactured in the former GDR (DDR or East Germany). The camera is very simple and has just two exposure times: B and M and two aperture settings: 8 and 11. The body is made of steel. Manufacturing date is around 1955.

certo certina medium format cameracerto certina medium format camera

Check out the Ebay listing, free to collect!

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Polaroid 101 Vintage Camera - For Sale in Cork City

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Polaroid 101 Instant Film Vintage Camera – PRISTINE Condition!

Great collectors item, this one even still has a pack of film from the 60’s still inside, of course the chemicals have dried up but the entire camera is in absolutely perfect condition, including the bellows, and the shutter firing exactly as it should. It’s a unique and beautiful piece.

Check out the full listing and purchase on Ebay!

Anyone around Cork, just check out via Ebay and drop into 10 Tuckey St to pick up, no postage cost!!

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